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Solo electric guitarist Guitarist Denis Taaffe, based out of BloomingtonIN uses regular electric guitar, guitar loops done on the fly, bass emulations on guitar, drum machines, drum samples and other samples to create a unique instrumental musical style which relies on improvisation and modern rock guitar to create multi layered instrumentals that focus on moods and atmospheres. All of his album tracks are improvised on the spot, performed live and recorded live with no additional overdubs. Denis has been playing guitar on and off for the past 34 years (since age 7) . along the way, he has  had the good fortune to develop a musical style and approach to guitar which is his uniquely his own. He has been trying to perfect his solo electric guitar style  for several years. By using regular guitar and guitar loops done on the fly, he  creates unusual layered instrumental guitar compositions which are improvised on the spot and performed live. As 20th century guitar magazine stated in a review of his 4th CD:

“Denis remains at the cutting edge of improvisational guitar”-Robert Silverstein, 20th century guitar magazine, April, 2004

 Denis has endorsements with Ernie Ball / Musicman, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Kradl guitar picks and Boomerang pedal boards. Former endorsements include Jackson guitars 1999 and W.L.gore /Elixir Strings 1999-2006. To date, He has released 165 full length albums thus far. most are available at Amazon. COM. All tracks on the CD's were recorded & performed live with no additional overdubs and were improvised on the spot. In his live shows, all the material Denis performs is also improvised on the spot and demonstrates musical creativity in the making.

Denis has also participated and was in the entry list in the 44th,45th,46th,49th, 50th,51st,52nd,53rd and 54th Grammy© awards. his albums were considered in several categories including Best instrumental performance and best instrumental composition. Denis also wrote a monthly instructional column for six years which appeared in Musicians Hotline/Premier Magazine, a national magazine which appears in print as well as on the World Wide Web.  He has also plays concerts throughout the Midwest and taught Guitar locally.

  Among other interests, Denis  is also interested  in creating films ,writing scripts, doing soundtracks for films, documentaries, audio/video post production and other projects. He has supplied music for several independent films, the United states Air Force and even the Canadian national Observatories. Denis  is a graduate of Indiana University ,where he received a B.A.  Liberal Arts degree in 1994 . in 2008, Denis received his Comptia A+ certification. Denis has vast interests ranging from IT, audio/video and film.