1999 news archive   

10/25/99:Denis is now also endorsing Seymour Duncan pickups. Denis has been a fan of their pickups for a quite a while. He uses the JB humbucker in all his electric guitars.The initial agreement is for two years and may be extended. Also, Denis's CD is also available at Trax-in Space , one of the net's oldest online music websites.Denis has a new web site at IUMA , the Internet Underground Music Archive, will also be selling Denis's CD. On another subject, Denis has been experimenting with lots of new gear for the solo guitar shows that are coming up including a lexicon vortex, boomerang,etc.Look for new photos coming soon. 

10/18/99:It's been a long time. So what's new? Well, Denis is a featured artist at stompinground.com .Jackson guitar sponsored ad's had been running in 20th Century guitar magazine. they will run through the December issue. 'Abducted by Aliens" CD is being distributed in France and has gotten some attention there. Denis has been experimenting with guitar loops in the studio using a boomerang pedalboard to get some interesting sounds for the upcoming "solo Guitar" shows. 

09/24/99:'Darthshredder1', a promo spot made for guitar wars is the #1 song in the rock category at Riffage.com . It doesn't appear on any CD, but may be a sign of things to come on the new CD 8-). 

09/22/99:Denis was asked to write an editorial for the online VGM (virtual guitar magazine).The editorial is a two part series on promoting yourself as a musician on the web.See it at Editorials. Denis also received a new positive review of the CD from Catchy Hooks, an "AOR Online melodic hard rock and heavy metal webzine". See new reviews. Denis is also listed as an endorser on the Jackson Guitar web site,second from the bottom ,haha, see Jackson Artists. Song3 for the upcoming CD has been completed. 

09/13/99:Denis received his first national review in 20th Century guitar, september issue.And a really positive review. AD #1 with jackson appeared in 20th Century Guitar to coincide with the review. See it byclicking here Denis also received a review at http://www.earbuzz.com. Both Earbuzz.com and Amazon.com will now be carrying the CD. Also a small mention in the local paper the Herald Times. Denis is working hard to wrap up some recording projects and is working on a live solo electric guitar gig. 

09/01/99: More CD's ahave arrived and are being distributed as quickly as possible.Began Updating web site.The newly released compilation CD "Small Word:Songs from the big list2" includes a track from Denis Taaffe (Trk#7 'Mighty Flesh Vehicles').The CD was released this week.Confirmed reviews in The Herald times (local paper) and the national 20th Century Guitar Magazine.Also, with Jackson Guitars help, 4 1/4 page ads will appear 20th century guitar for Sept.,Oct., Nov. and dec. issues. Final work is being done on the instructional CD, solo electric guitar shows, and second CD.Stay tuned. 

08/08/99: We have received small shipments of the CD. We expect more this week. They are being placed in on-line stores and in retail stores. Orders can now be placed at http://www.Guitar9.com/modernrock.html . Orders have been shipped and thanks go to the people who ordered the CD. updated site will be posted this week as well. 

07/05/99: The Debut CD is on it's way, shipping from Florida.Preperations are being made to update this web site and make the CD available For sale in stores and on-line. Posted review of the CD featured in GearHe@d ezine and http://www.1800instruments.com web site.Denis taaffe Mp3's will be inlcuded in Kiosks in Virgin Megastores as part of a program with Riffage.com.users can preview, download and burn CD's on the spot. 

06/23/99: Added 2 bonus track MP3's which are unreleased and were done for 'Guitar Wars' promotion. also added full length track #2 from the CD "You don't have to pretend". Denis has been doing some promotional tracks for Guitar.com . Check back for More info. Distribution is being arranged for the CD release. A Press release went out on the newswires announcing the release of the CD, it reaches newsrooms, radio, magazines, etc... Look for a revamped web site soon. 

06/17/99: Well,it took a lot of work, but the debut CD "Modern rock guitar Vol.I 'abducted by aliens'" will definitely include a Free kradl pick in each CD. The picks for the CD have been sent to the manufacturer. . Denis will have his CD featured and reviewed on http://www.1800instruments.com web site and in Gearhe@d emagazine sometime this month. Denis has been working with a bassist and is in need of a drummer to complete the band lineup (email us if interested at denis_aliengtr@geocities.com).Guitar lessons will be available at this site starting next week. The Kradl guitar pick instructional CD will be wrapped up this week, look for it soon! 

06/07/99: Proofs for the CD cover have been sent off today. CD should be here in about one week!! Denis will be doing clinics for Jackson guitars. More info soon. 

05/28/99: Denis taaffe has accepted endorsement offers from Elixir guitar strings (Gore & associates) and Jackson Guitars (Akai music Group). Denis is endorsing Elixir strings and Jackson guitars for the coming year.These endorsement are to coincide with the release of the debut CD "Denis Taaffe, Modern rock guitar Vol.I: Abducted by aliens". also kradl, Inc., 

05/25/99: Other Denis Taaffe web pages have been added to Amp3.com,Banddb.com,Guitar.com and Audio Galaxy.com . Denis was featured in the online newsletter "Guitar News Weekly", which is sent out to over 6000 'guitar music lovers', the feature will also be posted on the web site http://www.guitarsite.com for this week. after this week, it will remain in there archive. 

05/14/99:Denis Taaffe is officially endorsing Kradl Guitar picks and will soon be working on an instructional CD for them. Look for an offer from Kradl,inc with Denis's debut CD. Added banners to web site, new organization to web site. Look for other Denis Taaffe web sites coming soon!!! Pinnacle Entertainment INC. has been negotiating a distribution deal with a record label. More details soon. CD's will be manufactured soon. Jam magazine will Feature CD sometime in August. Guitar News Weekly will run a feature on Denis's CD and have a CD giveaway in Late May.Track #9 "Mighty flesh Vehicles" wil appear on the second VS-880 compilation CD.A link to this site has been added to Beat Music Magazine web site.More to come!!! 

04/29/99:This site reached #7 in the top 100 guitar sites and it is the featured site at songsearch web site. Also, upcoming radio airplay here and abroad (Canada, Australia, Germany,etc...). 

04/20/99: This site has joined many webrings and Link/banner exchange programs. Denis has agreed to endorse Kradl Picks (more on this soon). Added Northwestern Chronicle review. Denis has been working with a new band lineup 

04/12/99:This site can now be accessed via http://www.dtguitar.com !!! WTTS 92.3 FM has added "the Storm" (CD track#10) to it's airplay rotation. 2 guitar companies are in negotiations with Denis for endorsement agreements. 

04/06/99: Pinnacle Entertainment, inc. will be shopping the CD to various record labels starting this week. New publicity photos have been taken. Added photos section to the web page.A music equipment manufacturer is working on an endorsement agreement with Denis,Will post details.Web site has been expanded, we now have more room, so watch for more MP3's,lessons,etc...More reviews posted.Also, you can now access this site using the url http://www.geocities.com/~denis_aliengtr. A .com address wil be available soon. 

03/30/99: Added more review links to review page. Denis has signed with Pinnacle Entertainment,inc. an artist development/management/Marketing company.The CD has been reviewed in Guitar9 Records on-line web page. Press photos have been taken and are on their way.Additional reviews of CD have been confirmed and wil be posted soon. 

03/23/99: Added reviews section to main page. Denis Taaffe has had some reviews of CD. Shopping CD with labels and has been negotiating endorsement deals with manufacturers.Denis also has been playing with live band playing material from the CD.The first track of the second CD has been completed 

02/10/99- Denis Taaffe has joined BMI and new links added. 

02/09/99-Other links page have been added to this site. Denis Taaffe has 2 tracks available for download as well as a feature Home page at http://www.mp3.com. Also, addded mp3.com banner. Also, the site is listed with guitar top 100, added their banner as well. Need visitors votes for this site of guitar top100. 

h3>02/04/99- This web site has been registered with over 500 web search engines and indexes worldwide. 

02/02/99- MP3 tracks have been added to this web sites featuring 2 tracks from Denis's debut CD and one bonus track not available anywhere else. Look for new bonus MP3 tracks every couple of weeks.Free!! 

02/01/99- Denis Taaffe'S track "The Reef" 05:25 will be included in the Roland VS880 user's group Compilation CD which features other artist's who use the Roland VS-880 digital recorder. This track is also track #7 of Denis Taaffe's debut CD. 

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